We are participating in Vaasa’s major recruitment campaign in 2024

Vaasa aims to be the happiest city in the happiest country in the world. Happiness is proven to come from good deeds, which are now showcased by Vaasa’s energy sector companies in a nationwide recruitment campaign.

The joint recruitment campaign of the City of Vaasa, VASEK, and energy sector companies kicks off on Monday, January 15, 2024. Over the next month, Crimppi will be visible nationwide in a large joint campaign, from social media channels to cinemas and the billboards of major cities

Come to work in Vaasa!

The main message of the marketing campaign is to attract more professionals to our region. The campaign highlights the good deeds of companies, including those benefiting employees, the climate, and various communities. The City of Vaasa and VASEK lead the extensive campaign collaboration, and in addition to Crimppi, it involves ABB, Danfoss, Hitachi Energy, Isoplus, and VEO.

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