Crimppi encourages employees to move: company bikes and a kilometre race

All Crimppi employees take part in this year’s Kilometre Race with their brand new company bikes.

Crimppi wants to strengthen the health and well-being of its personnel by, for instance, motivating them to exercise. The company has come up with fun ways to help employees move more: all permanent workers have the opportunity to acquire a tax-free benefit – a company bike.

The entire Crimppi participates in the big cycling Kilometre Race as a team for the fourth time. The company’s previous record was almost 25,000 km. Maybe it will be broken this year? Crimppi rewards the cyclists with most kilometres: all those who have cycled more than 100 km can win a prize in a raffle.

“Own company bikes encourage employees to move more environmentally friendly, and the Kilometre Race also improves the sense of community in a fun way – cycling reflects many of our values. The new benefit has been received enthusiastically among the employees,” says Factory Manager Heli Toppinen.