The Production Team Leader Mika Nummi has been enjoying his time at Crimppi since 2007, when he began working as an assembler. Behind his long-lasting career lies a pleasant work environment, flexible working hours, and the opportunity to develop oneself and influence work practices within the company. What Mika enjoys the most about his work is his responsibilities as a team leader – he believes that investing in team spirit is one of the most important things.

“It all started when I was looking for a daytime job because working as a chef left me with very limited time for hobbies. Crimppi offered a suitable position as an assembler and I began working full-time right from the beginning. At first, I thought I would work here for a year, but now I have been here and enjoyed it until this day”, Mika laughs while looking back on the early moments of his career.

Mika’s career at Crimppi progressed rapidly, as he was promoted to the position of a backup team leader after just two years.

“Here at Crimppi, they were looking for someone new for the role and it was wonderful to be invited to take on the role. I was delighted to try something new and broaden my responsibilities. As a backup team leader, I assisted in the orientation of new employees and filled in for the team leader whenever needed.”

The responsibilities of a team leader are the most rewarding

In 2014, Mika’s career took another leap when he assumed his current role as a team leader. His job description is highly diverse, as it combines the responsibility of managing orders and tasks with ensuring his team works harmoniously. Typically, Mika’s workday begins with assessing orders and assigning tasks to his team.

“My work involves balancing the production of new orders with the continuous supply of products from our shelves. Both areas require attention to ensure that every customer is served in the best possible way. I also place a strong emphasis on developing team spirit, as it facilitates teamwork. I want to ensure that every member of my team enjoys their work”, describes Mika.

Mika’s leadership has been greatly enhanced by his completion of the first-level supervisor training program at Vamia Vocational School. The program, which was a collaborative effort between Crimppi and Vamia, took place between 2020 and 2022 and helped Mika develop a deeper understanding about complex concepts. Without hesitation, Mika asserts that his role as a team leader is the most compelling aspect of his job.

“I am able to influence how the work process progresses. In addition, I have a chance to present my own ideas and improvement suggestions and drive them forward. At times, it is important to challenge the way thing are done to make our work even smoother.”

Seamless collaboration and goals for the future

According to Mika, cooperation between different departments at Crimppi works seamlessly and assistance is always available when needed. He describes the work atmosphere as positive and development-oriented. This is reflected in the support provided for the team leaders; regularly scheduled team building events and training sessions help them grow in their roles and share experiences with each other.

“Colleagues are definitely one of the most important factors when it comes to enjoying my work and building a long-term career. I have a few friends who started at Crimppi around the same time as me, and even though our career paths have led us in different directions we still keep in touch weekly or even daily.”

Mika values day shifts in his work which give him plenty of time for hobbies. Earlier, ice hockey and coaching took up much of his time, but currently, Mika’s hobbies mainly include gym training and running.

– Thanks to this job, he has time for the things that matter most to him. If he ever needed time off for a game trip, it has always worked out. These kinds of things mean a lot, Mika explains.

“In the future, I would want to further develop myself although I am not yet certain what that entails precisely. I am curious to explore whether there are still opportunities to learn and study something new.  The training programs provided by Crimppi have inspired me to learn new. At present, I am content with my current role and will let time reveal what challenges I may undertake next.”