Wired for a greener future, devoted to human rights.

Responsibly, every day.

Sustainability is built into Crimppi's backbone, strategy, and values. The well-being of the environment and people, as well as responsible governance, influence our every decision. We carry out actions whose effectiveness and impact we also measure. Our products also help advance good causes, such as society's green transition and medical science. We operate internationally and employ hundreds – we have the power and responsibility to make an impact.
Group's target for 2025

100 % carbon neutrality

of all factories

The carbon footprint of our Finnish factory is already 0. Green electricity is in use, and the factory is heated without emissions. The next step is to bring carbon neutrality to all of Crimppi's factories.

Responsibility in the Crimppi Group

Environ­mental respon­sibility

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We operate as a significant part of the renewable energy and environmental technology supply chain.

Together with all our partners, we actively seek increasingly environmentally friendly solutions.

In terms of our own operations, we aim for 100% carbon neutrality. More than half of our production runs on renewable energy.

We operate systematically and we have 100% traceability for our products.

Social respon­sibility

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We are committed to respecting human rights and taking good care of all our employees.

In an international work environment, many different cultures come together. We ensure equal rights for all our employees in Finland, China, Croatia, and Latvia.

We also emphasize trust and respect in customer relationships. We create the best and most service-oriented practices for each customer individually.

Gover­nance respon­sibility

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We work to keep our business on a strong foundation. We aim for profitable growth throughout the entire group.

We always operate in accordance with laws, regulations, and recommendations.

Our strategy is based on our values. The group’s code of ethical conduct, which also applies to all partners working with us, is based on these values.

We operate close to our customers both operationally and geographically.

Part of society's green transition and medical technologies

Crimppi's wire harnesses and electromechanics are an important part of the supply chain for renewable energy and environmental technology. One of our major customer segments is also medical science. Our products are used as part of demanding medical technologies.

Value-based business

Crimppi’s operations are built on a foundation of a fair, sustainable, and inspiring future, where our own values guide our actions.

Our company’s management approach and operations are based on certified international systems and standards. The certificates provide a strong foundation for our business processes, and with their help, we are building sustainable business in the long term. We are consistently developing our operations within all Crimppi Group factories.


Crimppi's operations are based on the Group's values. These are: succeeding together, agility and courage, dedication to the customer, and responsible operations.

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