Crimppi’s record year – strong growth at all the group’s factories

The electrical and electronics industry group Crimppi is breaking records. The global investments in green transition and energy efficiency have increased the group’s turnover and number of employees significantly.

In 2022, Vaasa-based wire harness manufacturer Crimppi achieved its history’s biggest turnover – and the growth still continues. Records were broken at all of the group’s factories in Finland, Croatia, and China. The group’s total turnover reached almost 30 million euros, and was 20% larger compared to the previous year.

“At the Vaasa factory, the group’s growth means more jobs. We recruited 20 new employees last year. Our position as Finland’s leading wire harness manufacturer is strengthening even more”, says Timo Harri, CEO of Crimppi.

The products manufactured by Crimppi are always tailored according to customer needs. The global green transition and efforts to improve energy use have laid the foundation for Crimppi’s growth and excellent order volume. The customer base consists of electricity, energy, and rail transport companies. 

“Through our customers, we get to be a significant part of the supply chain of renewable energy and environmental technology. Our values include succeeding together with customers, and we work hard to achieve that”, states Harri.

Orders, especially from the rail transport industry, have increased at Crimppi in recent years. A growing number of the wire harnesses manufactured at the factories in Finland and Croatia are sold to rail transport companies.

“In Croatia, the growth was strongest in 2022 – the Istra factory’s sales increased by a third compared to the previous year.”

The pandemic and worldwide component shortage have created challenges also for Crimppi. The component shortage slowed down the growth, but the company found solutions to it together with customers. Now, the group is back on the path to growth.

“The component shortage seems to be easing still, and several customers expect the strong growth to continue this year as well, Harri says.

At Crimppi, the year 2023 is off to a good start. Strong, profitable, and long-term growth are an essential part of the group’s strategy. The planning of a fourth factory will start in the next few years.