Crimppi’s factory in China moved to new, modern facilities – production started straight away

The new factory in Suzhou makes production processes more efficient and improves the employees’ enjoyment of their work.

Crimppi’s branch in China has moved to new facilities in Suzhou. Production was kicked off today, on the 1st of July, after several excellently-planned moving days. The new facilities were built in 2019 and comprise more than 2,000 square metres. Thanks to this modern and spacious factory, Crimppi’s production in China will become even more efficient with a new, extremely well-designed layout.

“Our production is faster and simpler and the material flow is smoother than ever. The office and manufacturing areas are now on the same floor, which makes for more streamlined processes compared to the old factory,” says Tommi Manninen, General Manager at Crimppi Suzhou.

The modern and spacious factory will make Crimppi’s production in China more efficient than ever.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made this a tough year, and not least of all in China. Fortunately, Suzhou has held out extremely well, and the Crimppi factory was only closed for one week. Manninen sees the new factory as a welcome change after a challenging spring.
“This is a magnificent new beginning for our operations in Suzhou as a whole. I’m sure our customers and employees will be very happy with both the reforms and the improved facilities,” he says.  

Crimppi has a network of factories in Finland, Croatia and China. It capitalises on these plants in a smart way according to the customer’s needs and depending on the lead time and the target area of the products. Crimppi has had a factory in China since 2006. The Suzhou plant manufactures wire harnesses mainly for the Chinese market, as well as high-volume products for exports. Suzhou is located west of Shanghai on the east coast of China and has a population of more than 10 million.