Thank you for the past year and successful new year 2021

Despite the very exceptional year we have been focusing on developing our operation in all our factories. The ERP implementation has been done for our Croatia factory and the Chinese factory ahs moved to new modern facilities. In Vaasa factory we have kicked of the major project for intralogistics including two new automated storing systems that will be installed right at the beginning of 2021.

We want to thank all our customers and partners for the cooperation during past year 2020. We are looking forward further cooperation in year 2021 and new upcoming opportunities.

Crimppi Vaasa factory will be closed during week 52 (21-27.12.2020)

We wish you very Merry Christmas,

Crimppi staff

Crimppi’s factory in China moved to new, modern facilities – production started straight away

The new factory in Suzhou makes production processes more efficient and improves the employees’ enjoyment of their work.

Crimppi’s branch in China has moved to new facilities in Suzhou. Production was kicked off today, on the 1st of July, after several excellently-planned moving days. The new facilities were built in 2019 and comprise more than 2,000 square metres. Thanks to this modern and spacious factory, Crimppi’s production in China will become even more efficient with a new, extremely well-designed layout.

“Our production is faster and simpler and the material flow is smoother than ever. The office and manufacturing areas are now on the same floor, which makes for more streamlined processes compared to the old factory,” says Tommi Manninen, General Manager at Crimppi Suzhou.

The modern and spacious factory will make Crimppi’s production in China more efficient than ever.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made this a tough year, and not least of all in China. Fortunately, Suzhou has held out extremely well, and the Crimppi factory was only closed for one week. Manninen sees the new factory as a welcome change after a challenging spring.
“This is a magnificent new beginning for our operations in Suzhou as a whole. I’m sure our customers and employees will be very happy with both the reforms and the improved facilities,” he says.  

Crimppi has a network of factories in Finland, Croatia and China. It capitalises on these plants in a smart way according to the customer’s needs and depending on the lead time and the target area of the products. Crimppi has had a factory in China since 2006. The Suzhou plant manufactures wire harnesses mainly for the Chinese market, as well as high-volume products for exports. Suzhou is located west of Shanghai on the east coast of China and has a population of more than 10 million.

Planmeca relies on Crimppi to manufacture top-quality wire harnesses for its dental care units

Crimppi manufactures wire harnesses for the world’s leading manufacturer of dental care equipment, Planmeca. According to Planmeca’s Purchasing Manager Pasi Häyhä, over the years Crimppi has become one of Planmeca’s largest suppliers: “Crimppi’s best assets are its top expertise, flexible service and quick deliveries.”

Finnish Planmeca Oy manufactures state-of-the-art technology for the dentistry sector: digital dental units, CAD/CAM solutions and 2D and 3D imaging units. Planmeca exports its products to more than 120 countries around the world. Every unit carries inside it wire harnesses manufactured by Crimppi.

Crimppi manufactures a wide range of wire harnesses for Planmeca on a continuous basis in all its factories in Finland, Croatia and China. The deliveries include both large batches and individual prototypes for different product development projects. According to Planmeca’s Purchasing Manager Pasi Häyhä, such excellent collaboration would not be possible without Crimppi’s top technical know-how and flexible service.

“When we order prototypes from Crimppi, they are almost always excellent right from the first piece. They understand what we want, and we can always rely on their expertise and quick response times,” he says.

Photo: Planmeca

Large stock of materials and excellent supplier networks speed up the service

Häyhä explains that sometimes Planmeca orders prototype wire harnesses at a notice of just a week or two when they need to make quick progress with a product development project. As the largest manufacturer of wire harnesses in Finland, Crimppi and its extensive stock of materials are worth their weight in gold in situations like this.
“For us, it is a huge advantage that Crimppi manufactures large batches for us and also maintains a large stock. Their reaction times for prototypes and other special circumstances are always very short,” he says.

“Even when Crimppi doesn’t have the material we need in stock, they deliver very quickly. Crimppi’s purchasing unit is doing an excellent job, and its effects reach all the way to us, their customers.”

Photo: Planmeca

Outsourcing wire harness manufacture was a smart move

Planmeca manufactured its own wire harnesses for its dental units until 2013, when it decided to outsource them. After putting wire harness manufacture out to tender, Planmeca chose Crimppi as one of its main manufacturers.

According to Häyhä, outsourcing the manufacture of the harnesses turned out to be a wise decision. While Planmeca was still taking care of their manufacture on their own, they were only able to buy small volumes of materials, which meant that procurement was not cost-effective.
“At times, we had to buy up to three years’ worth of materials at once, which tied up both capital and storage space,” Häyhä explains.

Because Crimppi specialises in wire harnesses, it buys components in large volumes, which results in considerably more effective procurement and production processes.

According to Häyhä, the transition from Planmeca’s own production to outsourced manufacture has gone extremely well, although, at first, they were worried about what might go wrong. A particular worry at Planmeca was the flexibility of production now that they were no longer in control of it.
“When we got used to the new arrangement, everything went surprisingly smoothly. Crimppi is able to serve us extremely flexibly even in special situations, which is of paramount importance to us.”

Cutting edge technology requires wire harnesses with guaranteed quality

Photo: Planmeca

Crimppi meets Planmeca’s special demands also with products destined for the North and South American markets. There a manufacturer of wire harnesses for dental care equipment is required to be UL certified
by Underwriters Laboratories.
“UL regularly audits Crimppi’s manufacture to make sure it meets their standards. This makes our own auditing process at Planmeca easier, because we are buying harnesses from a supplier whose production has already been UL approved,” Häyhä says.

Because Planmeca’s products represent high technology, there is no room for compromises in the quality of their wire harnesses. Generally speaking, the most important prerequisite for quality is crimping firmness. If the cable crimps inside the equipment break or come loose, this results in very costly repairs. According to Häyhä, there have been practically no problems with quality at all with Crimppi. 

“It would be particularly annoying if a wire harness in a dental care unit malfunctioned somewhere in the Australian bush. A serviceman would then have to travel thousands of kilometres for a very expensive repair job because of a faulty harness that costs only a few euros,”Häyhä points out.

“That’s why it is extremely important that the wire harnesses are reliable. The fact that we can trust Crimppi a hundred per cent is priceless to us. It allows all of us at Planmeca to sleep soundly,” he smiles.


The COVID-19 situation has escalated rapidly into a global pandemic, with many states declaring a state of emergency and taking various measures to control the spread of the virus. These measures naturally have a major impact on the lives of us all and on the global business. At Crimppi, we actively follow relevant regulatory releases and guidelines and proactively minimize the negative impact on our operations.

We have already taken a number of preventive measures to ensure the health and safety of our employees, our customers and our other partners. In addition, to ensure our delivery capability, we have increased our inventory and are actively monitoring the impact of changes in the performance of our logistics chains. With these steps, we want to make sure that our service capability remains flexible and fast even in this critical situations. We will inform our customers and other partners immediately if significant changes are expected in our supply capabilities or supply chain operations.

Impact of coronavirus outbreak to Crimppi deliveries

The restrictions caused by ongoing coronavirus outbreak will have impact on deliveries from Crimppi Suzhou factory. The Suzhou government has set restrictions for operations of companies. The current restrictions are valid until February 9th.  

Crimppi will follow the instructions and therefore Crimppi Suzhou factory will be closed until February 10th. In case of changes on instruction we will notify you immediately.

We will do our outmost to minimize the impact to our customers, but during the closing we will not be able to make deliveries from Suzhou. We will continue to support customers from our other factories.

The informed closing until Fab 10th will not have impact on our material availability on other factories. In case of prolonged break on Chinese material deliveries it will cause material allocations. We are currently investigating the situation of all China origin materials and buffers.

Best Regards,

Timo Harri
CEO, Crimppi
+358 50 4371 660

Tommi Manninen
GM, Crimppi Suzhou
+86 181 0155 5221
+358 40 575 4480   

Thank you for your cooperation! We wish you a successful Jubilee Year 2020!

At Crimppi, we had an eventful and busy year in 2019. We adopted a new ERP system and remodelled our brand. Our factories in Finland, China and Croatia improved their production, allowing us to serve you even quicker and more flexibly in the future.


We want to thank all our customers and partners for their smooth and pleasant cooperation in 2019! Crimppi’s Vaasa branch will be closed for Christmas from the 23rd to the 29th of December 2019.


We look forward to continuing our excellent collaboration in the coming year. All through 2020, we will be celebrating Crimppi’s 20th year in business and hope you will join us. Let’s make the New Year a successful and magnificent one, together!


Wishing you a very Merry Christmas,


The Crimppi staff

Ownership change at Crimppi

In December 2016, Crimppi Oy’s former capital owners and founders, Mr Seppo Hujanen and Mrs Eeva-Riitta Mansikkamäki, sold the entire share capital to Mr Arto Laine and Managing Director Timo Harri. This transaction ended the change of generation that started few years earlier in the company. This will ensure the continuity and development of the company’s operations in the future as well.

Mr Timo Harri has been MD of Crimppi Oy since 2013 and is now well familiar with the company’s operations and customers. Mr Arto Laine’s strong experience in the subcontracting industry brings knowhow to the company. He’s better known as founder of Laine Production Oy.

“Our goal is to continue developing and growing the company at all our factories. Our current network of factories combined with our flexible operating model and our wide client base creates a good and competitive foundation for the company’s future and growth.”

Factory expansion in Croatia

Crimppi Istra d.o.o. will start factory expansion in Zminj, Croatia. Expansion will be connected to existing factory and it will provide 930m2 additional factory space. After expansion the factory area will be about 3000m2. The company has been operating in current factory since 2013.
The operations and growth of Crimppi Istra d.o.o. has been on main focus of the company and this new expansion will continue this strategy. It will enable further growth and development of operations in Zminj, Croatia.
Crimppi group is employing almost 400 people in total out of this about 150 are working in Croatia.

Factory expansion for Vaasa factory

Crimppi will start factory expansion in Vaasa. New expansion will increase production space by almost 1400m2 and after the expansion total factory space will be 5500m2. The expansion will enable better material flow and lay-out increasing flexibility and total capacity. New factory space is expected to be in use by February 2015.